Water Mitigation

What is the difference between water mitigation and extraction?

Water extraction is the action of removing the water from the structure. Water mitigation goes much further than that. It involves Psychometry, dehumidification, judgement issues, demolition, and controlling the environmental conditions. When a building suffers a water loss, the moisture goes far beyond the puddles you see on the floor or the drips coming from the ceiling. For the building to be returned to a pre-loss condition the building materials must be restored. When water passes through a wall cavity it saturates the drywall, baseboard and other trim, stud wall, footer, and insulation. These materials will not dry properly on there own. If the water is not removed and the materials restored the water may continue to “wick” up the materials furthering the damage and allowing mold to grow.

AssureClean uses the most advanced moisture detecting equipment to track the source of the water damage and the secondary damage. The secondary damage consists of the materials have become saturated as the moisture migrates. When a category 1 loss occurs the structure can usually be dried and restored without doing any demolition. In other cases, time and contaminants are a factor and therefore demolition and sanitation are employed.

AssureClean will daily apply anti-microbial surfactants to prevent mold growth while the structure is drying out.

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