Screen Enclosures

When you build or renovate your home, you want it to be the best home your family’s ever had, right? You won’t accept second best, nor should you. You want the right amount of lighting, heating and cooling. You want exceptional indoor-outdoor flow and you want to be happy spending most of your time there for the foreseeable future.

The best way to heat and cool your house effectively, as well as letting enough natural light in, is through the use of a screen enclosure.

DSC00360Screen enclosures or “Conservatories” are rooms which are uniquely designed to let as much natural light into the home as possible. They do this through the use of high quality glass and aluminum joinery. The glass has the wonderful property of being transparent enough to allow solar radiation in, as well as keeping the wind and rain out. The advantage of a screen enclosure over a pergola or sheltered veranda is that it works well even when the weather is inclement. For example, if it is an overcast day with some wind, you will find that the conservatory still heats up to some degree, by absorbing what heat it can from the sun, and trapping it.

The awesome thing about having a screen enclosure on your house is that all the free sunlight it collects passes through to the rest of the house, making it lovely and warm all the way through.

On sunny days, a screen enclosure makes an ideal entertaining area. Guests will enjoy the sun beating down on them while they lounge around and enjoy your hospitality.

As the day turns to night, the air in the conservatory retains some of its heat, staying toasty warm even as the outside temperature drops.

Our screen enclosures are made from toughened glass and reinforced aluminum, designed to withstand hurricanes and anything else mother nature can throw at them. They also look fantastic and are certain to increase the value of your home.

DSC00618Screen enclosures, by bringing natural light into the home, are fantastic for your health. Natural sunlight has a number of awesome health benefits. From releasing serotonin, the happy hormone in your brain, to increasing the levels of Vitamin D produced by your skin, you will find you are happier and healthier in a home with a screen enclosure.

At Assure Clean Restoration, we provide a full service business. From designing your screen enclosure through to sourcing the materials and building it, we make sure you are catered for throughout the whole process. This makes it a no stress, enjoyable experience for you. After all, we are the screen enclosure experts and we pride ourselves on being the best conservatory builders and installers in Florida.

When you email us, one of our trained consultants will come and have a look at your house or plans. They will help you pick the perfect screen enclosure to suit your lifestyle and budget. Then you will be provided with a free estimate of required investment.

So either click the link to email us, or pick up the phone and give us a call. We will be very happy to take care of your needs and make your house warm, comfortable and stylish.

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