Mold Testing & Consulting

Fear You May Be Having A Mold Problems?

Mold is a complex microscopic organism that affects people in various ways.  Although some may claim that their is no definitive proof that mold can cause adverse health problems, you may feel differently.  Abnormal levels of mold should not be in your home where you spend most of your time and where you want the best possible air quality.  We at AssureClean Restoration know the importance of a safe indoor environment and your health so we take great measures to ensure you can get the best possible service in our industry and our assurance to you that you will breath easier in the end!

How it works

We will inspect your home or  building and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for visible mold or unusual high amounts of dust and debris.  Our investigative services include:

  • Exterior Control Sample that shows us whats going on around the envelope of the structure
  • Interior Air Samples that helps us identify the mold spore count as well as the genus and species of the molds present in your home or building.
  • Thorough inspections including air handlers, filters, duct work, crawl spaces, attics, rooftops, air intakes and exhausts.
  • We will also take environmental readings, such as relative humidity, moisture content, dew point, etc.

Phase One: The More We Know the Better

We want to know as much about you and your situation as possible.  We may be asking many questions with our investigative process because the more we know the better we can assess the problem and offer solutions for your situation.

Documentation is the key, so  we will be taking photographs and recording of our findings such as air temperature, moisture readings, relative humidity, or thermal imaging.

Phase Two: The Solution

Once problems have been identified, we will be equipped to offer the best possible  solution which includes:

  • A comprehensive list of equipment used to document our findings.
  • A detailed report of our comprehensive investigation as well as our findings,  mold spore counts, and it’s particular species.
  • With the information gathered above, we will provide  a meticulous scope of work to be performed by a third party remediation contractor that will resolve the issues.

Phase Three: The Clearance

After the remediation has been completed per our scope of work we will perform a final investigation and air sampling to confirm that the indoor air environment is back to within normal living conditions. This includes:

  • Investing the premises to see if the remediation company has followed the written protocol
  • Air Sampling inside and out.
  • A clearance letter upon receiving the final results and the building has returned to a state of “normal fungal ecology.”

Phase Four: You Get to Breath Easy!

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