Mold Removal – Serving the Panhandle of Florida

Health Risks

Mold can cause serious problems to your health and to your home. Mold is a living organism that can spread and deteriorate building materials. In some cases microbial growth can adversely affect your allergies and cause respiratory problems. Furthermore, many different types of microbial growth can be allergenic.

More About Mold

There are hundreds possibly thousands of different genus’ of mold all of which can affect you and I differently. Molds that may affect you may not affect your neighbor or even other members of your family. However, it is important to recognize that mold is a living organism that is found everywhere. The goal of mold remediators is to remove that organism from your indoor environment and bring your home back to what is referred to as “Normal Fungal Ecology” or condition 1. What does this mean? Anytime you open the door or a window there is a natural transference of air due to the pressurization of your home. Therefore, that air which is moving back and forth through your home is bringing in mold contaminants as well as pollen, dust, and other contaminants. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to completely remove all of the microbial spores inside of your home. Instead the success of the remediation is based on the comparison between the exterior levels and interior levels present during Post Remediation Verification Sampling.

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