Chinese Drywall

How can I tell if I have Chinese Drywall?

Answer: We will visually inspect and identify whether problem drywall is present in a home with a two-step process.

Step One:     A visual inspection may show:

  • Blackening of copper electrical wiring and/or air conditioning evaporator coils and
  • Drywall installed between 2001 and 2009

If both of these are present,  then we will proceed to step two.

Step Two:

  • Samples will be cut out and sent to a laboratory (Note: markings on the drywall may provide ample evidence without having to send them off to a lab.)
  • Once the samples come back we will provide an estimated scope of work to remedy the problem drywall

What are the solutions?

Once we have determined for a fact that you have Chinese Drywall, then a number of solutions can be offered.

  1. The most comprehensive solutions is to remove the drywall which is usually only the walls and not the ceiling, remove the insulation, and remove or repair the copper lines.
  2. Replace the air handler or coils depending on the extent of the damage
  3. Treat all surfaces that with a tried and proven chemical that draws the sulfuric pollutants to the surface and eliminates any odors or VOC’s present
  4. HEPA Vacuum all exposed wood surfaces.
  5. Set up air filtration devices and do an “air washing”

Whatever the problem, we can find a solution to fit your budget!

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